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Aleali May


August was the month for ten Los Angeles Original Superstars to shine.  Adidas partnered with F.I.D.M Fashion Institute of Los Angeles to style an Original Superstar lookbook photoshoot.  These young, stylish and passionate women were chosen out of hundreds of girls from high school fashion clubs, most being presidents of their clubs .  The Superstar Campaign allowed creatives the platform to express themselves.  Adidas focused on highlighting the womens icon, the Superstar shoe and celebrating young women artists' and creators' who are not swayed by others opinion but who create for themselves.  

In this particular campaign, Adidas brought together four influentials from around the country, one being myself (representing LA), Elise Swopes (CHI), Kimi Selfridge (NY), and Jane Rose (MIA).  Our jobs were to share styling and artistic views around the Superstar.   My particular job was to help lead Creative Direction and mentor the ten chosen women from FIDM Fashion Club during their Original Superstar styling process.  Following a long day of shooting and styling, there was a celebration and showcase of the final lookbook at HVW8 Gallery.  The gallery showcase housed imagery from the photoshoot as well as each stylists Superstar headshots and video from the shoot day.  This took place Friday, August 28th.  Attendees included the girls' parents, Adidas influences, Adidas team, and friends.  Sounds were held by Kittens, another young influential showing these boys, girls can DJ too! 

This was such a great opportunity to be around young girls striving and thriving in their current high schools and overall life.  The girls smiled ear to ear during both the shoot and the final showcase.  Each one of these girls had different styles and different overall goals, yet everyones work complimented each others.  There is no doubt all of the girls will go far in their careers!

Video/Photography: #ShotByKVNG

More News and Photos: HERE

Special thanks: Adidas and FIDM Fashion Club