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Aleali May

This year has by far, been the best year to date (and I say this every year, lol).  Whether work related opportunities or just taking time off, I've become more aware of who I am spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Every year we converse about our goals and dreams with old and new friends. We see obstacles but may feel overwhelmed.  Then, we take on and fight through these obstacles to see the benefits blossom.  And through all the tireless nights and building with others (while still lookin' fresh, though), it's always a wonderful/liberating feeling to look back and say, it's lit!  Without the help of my team Allen Park and Kevin Gonzalez, friends, family and supporters, I wouldn't have made it this far. Thank you *prayer hands.   With this said, I've listed off the top of my head, my most appreciated (including but not limited to) moments of 2016.  

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Favorite Fits of 2016

Favorite Interview of 2016


Favorite Streetsyle Fits of 2016

Women's NYFW/ Men's PFW / CPHFW



Favorite Trip of 2016

KITH Aspen Opening

Favorite Modeling Moment of 2016




Favorite Campaign of 2016

Adidas "MyFutureIs" Tubular Campaign