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Aleali May

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, also known as CIFF, takes place twice a year in Copenhagen, Denmark.  CIFF is a platform much like Magic in Vegas, that showcases brands global buyers to global brands.  It is the leading platform in Northern Europe   which showcases well curated and premium brands.  Taking place at the same time as Copenhagen Fashion Week, it began in 1993 from the Scandinavian fashion scene.  CIFF has matured to CIFF Raven, CIFF Kids, CIFF Showrooms and CIFF Shoes.  Divided by areas, it contains nine segments; LAB, SLEEK, URBAN, PERFORMANCE, PREMIUM, STYLE SETTERS, STYLE SETTERS BUNGALOWS, FUTURE CLASSICS and ESSENTIALS.  

This SS17 season, CIFF welcomed my personal friends Samuel Ross with his label A-COLD-WALL*, Four Two Four on Fairfax, Second Layer and many more!  Brands such as Han Kjobenhavn, Kappa, Champion, and Cottweiler also made their appearance.  First of all, I love Copenhagen!  And second, CIFF is a place to meet with friends from around the world, network with others you haven't met, and experience life in Copenhagen.  With my friends visiting plenty of times before, I had them take me around the town.  This time, I was a little more familiar as Storm Copenhagen's founder Rasmus gave me a tour earlier this year.  

Low on battery as I rarely saw the hotel room, I recorded some of my experience with #Verizon GoPro Hero 4.  My friends Samuel and Ace Harper (the youth/future of London), talked up a storm on how I needed to visit. But it wasn't all their fault.  London was a personal destination goal and they were the friends I needed to add fuel to the fire, LOL!  My thoughts on London as a young girl from South Central, LA was the Queen, Bend It Like Beckham, Spice Girls, Harry Potter, the Parent Trap and drinking loads of tea.  But little did I know, right?  As I grew a little older and gained more knowledge, I knew it was time.  I spent 48hrs in London before heading back to LA while visiting shops like Maharishi, Selfridges & Co, attended a hip hop nightclub called Visions, met up with my Adidas family at the headquarters and ate plenty of Caribbean food! The experience was unforgettable.  I wish I could've recorded every second.  But I guess revisiting these experiences through thought, isn't as bad either...

Enjoy :-)

Camera: #Verizon GoPro Hero 4

Video Edit: #ShotByKvnG

Photography: Jordan Green, Jaiperdumeveste