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Aleali May

“Always my favorite pair are going to be Jordan 1’s but currently I’ve been wearing—I always put the current sneakers in my rotation next to my door because I wear them so much and right now, the only pair are the Rick Owens sneakers—the Geobasket sneaker. First of all, it can go with anything. It is just so simple and I love high-top sneakers. It still has that high-fashion vibe but still ‘we have to run errands today’ but we also want to look cool. It plays on all of that.” - I

“Within a span of a couple of years, I really loved the Fragment x Air Jordan 1. The Royal 1 is my favorite shoe and what [Hiroshi Fujiwara] did with the Fragment, just that touch of blue in the back. Even the Fragment design, it’s not like he just plasters his name all over it, it is literally like a circle with two lightning bolts. It is so simple. For him to make it so wearable, yet so different, yet still coincides with the story of Jordan’s, the tie in was perfect.” -I

Who: The Coveteur x Myself

Photography: Tristan Kallas

House Styling: Jodi Taylor

What: Sneaker Week

When: April 20, 2017

Where: My Home <3

Why/Full Spread:  COVETEUR